Mission Statement

The mission of National Speed Sport News is to respect and build upon its heritage as the most complete, authoritative publication and website reporting on the breadth of motorsports. The editorial content and business practices of National Speed Sport News will be characterized by fairness, independence, integrity and customer focus. National Speed Sport News will continually seek to broaden its customer base, while embracing those who have supported the publication through the years.

The company’s stewards will act to ensure the well-being of the publication, and in the best, balanced interests of all its stakeholders – readers, advertisers, employees, the auto-racing community and the company’s owners.

National Speed Sport News promises:

Our Readers: To publish accurate, interesting and timely news, information and features that meet your evolving needs and interests, whether you are a longtime reader or newcomer. We will use technology and all means necessary to develop and continually improve upon delivery systems to secure easy and swift availability of the paper’s content.

Our Advertisers: To offer programs of high value and a dynamic marketplace environment for communicating with broad or targeted motorsports audiences. We will consider National Speed Sport News to be in partnership with its advertisers and their success to be a measure of our own.

Our Employees: To provide a safe, clean, collaborative, empowering workplace. We will provide an opportunity to learn new skills, experience professional growth and share in the success of the company.

The Auto-Racing Community: A commitment to the advancement of the sport and the industry, and a belief that an honest, timely flow of information and opinion will further its long-term health and prosperity. Where mutual interests will be served, we will actively foster strategic alliances with other members of the auto-racing community.

Our Company’s Owners: A best effort to ensure that National Speed Sport News provides a good annual return, consistent with continued financial prosperity, and remains a source of personal pride.