Fantasy Drag Racing – FAQS


Why can't I submit all eight starters?
You have to pick at least one driver or rider from each class that’s racing in order to be able to pick a full roster of eight starters. If you try to pick so many starters in one class that you can’t select at least one from all the other classes racing that round you will be unable to start eight racers.
What if I never received a confirmation email?
If you register using a social media account no confirmation email is necessary. When you register by providing an email address and password, and click the ‘Submit Registration’ button at the bottom of the page, you are automatically sending the confirmation email to the email address you listed. If you don’t receive the email with the link that completes the registration process, either you input the wrong email address or your service provider is blocking emails from [email protected] You can re-register using a different email address, or you can check your spam, bulk mail and junk mail folders. Finally, you can contact your service provider and instruct them to allow emails from
Why are there two divisions?
To honor two of the greatest drag racing personalities with one game. Players from one division can participate in the Private League of someone from the other division and later we’ll have reports that sort contest standings across both divisions.
What if I forget to submit my starters?
You will score zero points unless you’ve submitted default starters, only one per class, via your ACCOUNT page, and those drivers or riders are eligible for points.
What if I swear I put them in but they somehow disappeared or were deleted so it must be a technical problem?

You will score as many points as earned by the drivers in your official starting lineup at time of deadline. Picks entered prior to each round’s deadline are entered in the database directly, they cannot be removed, and we can’t change history.
What if a driver I want to pick isn’t listed?
The league strives to have all available drivers per series listed on the driver selection menu. Occasionally, last-minute or late driver changes will occur and the league will make its best effort to add those new drivers as soon as that information becomes available.
What if a driver has to bail and a substitute races his car?
The game awards points to drivers, not cars. If a selected or picked driver withdraws from an event, he or she receives zero points and the substitute driver gets points earned for performance, for anyone who picked that driver. The game has no provisions to replace driver picks if a driver can’t compete.
What if a race is postponed?
If a race is postponed, the scores from that driver or drivers will not be calculated until the race is finally run. This means that the round will not close or be completed until the postponed race is completed. When the postponed race is run, players are not allowed to re-select their starting drivers. The postponed race is not counted as one of the races for the round or weekend when it finally runs.
What if a race is cancelled?
If a race is cancelled, never to be completed, then each player’s driver picks for that particular race will receive no scores, and the round will be considered complete.
What if qualifying is cancelled?
If qualifying is cancelled, qualifying points will be awarded according to the NHRA ladder used to determine first round matchups.
What’s the tiebreaker?
The tiebreaker system is based on each team’s cumulative score. The team with the higher score through the round of the tie is selected as the prize winner.

Example: Let’s say it’s Monday morning after a national event, 4 teams are tied for Top Dawg with the same number of points, the most among all teams in the league. The tiebreaker checks each of those team’s cumulative or overall scores and awards the Top Dawg prize to the team with the highest point total. If a tie still exists, the tiebreaker moves back to the round previous to the current round and awards the prize to the team with the higher score for that round.

Does the tiebreaker sort my Private League standings too?

No. You smart guys will have to do that for yourself.

Can I change my team name, or the name of my private league?

Unfortunately, once you have chosen a team name and/or registered for a Private League it can’t be changed. If you absolutely must have a different team name you may register for the game again with your new team name using another working email address. You will receive a new confirmation email and you must confirm the new email address is valid by clicking the confirmation link in the email.

I forgot my password, what now?
Click on the I Forgot My Password on the login page. The program will generate and email a new, 4-digit password that you can use to login. Copy and paste it from the email, then login and go to Account. Paste it in again as your current password, then create a new password that you will remember.
I need to update my email address.
You can’t yet. But we’re working on it.


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