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Adrenaline For Rent – 2014 Camaro SS

The 2014 Camaro SS model's 6.2-liter V8 makes 400hp when mated to the automatic transmission (Photo: Michael Pomeroy)

The 2014 Camaro SS model’s 6.2-liter V8 makes 400hp when mated to the automatic transmission (Photo: Michael Pomeroy)

The SS is a very civilized car. It doesn’t feel too much different than driving any other car unless you push it. The suspension is tight and the car can be whipped around a corner like it is on rails. However, if one drives it conservatively, it is not an extreme car.

About half way to the destination, I noticed an S located below D (Drive). I quickly slapped the car into S (Sport Mode), tapped the right foot down and felt an immediate difference. The automatic transmission in the Camaro SS provides driving options tailored to different styles and moods.

The driver has the option of riding in D and forgetting about everything, using the Manual mode and utilizing a paddle shifter or benefit from the Sport Mode that utilizes the automatic transmission but in a much more aggressive manner.

The S mode made the car feel crisper, more like a 400 hp vehicle. It was just plain faster than it felt when in D. Ironically, the S appeared similar to a $ on the indicator. Perhaps this is a warning to owners about the money one may have to pay in speeding tickets or at the gas pump after utilizing this mode too frequently.

The traction control is worth reading up on in the owner’s manual. Traction control can be turned off by hitting the TCS/Stabilitrak button which will allow some tire spin, but the stability control remains; so the computer will still maintain control and take over if it senses you are out of control.

Holding that button for seven seconds will turn off traction control and put all responsibility in the driver’s hands.

Each of the three days I drove the Camaro were thrilling. Having been injured in a motorcycle accident when I was hit by a motorist last summer, I had lost my love of driving for constant fear someone was going to pull out in front of me.

The day I stepped into that Camaro SS, I was revitalized.

The car is captivating. Its thick, leather-wrapped steering wheel feels very connected to the fat tires, which stick to corners like cotton candy to a smiling child’s face. The steering is lightning-quick and the brakes feel like they would stop a tanker. The car simply instills confidence. It only took a few moments, screaming around one or two corners got the adrenaline flowing and quickly removed any timidness.

The interior of the SS was well designed. I am a fan of the tribute gauges and the front seats are comfortable and supportive.

The one negative in this car is a massive blind spot on the driver’s side. With the height of the front seat back, it is impossible to see out the right side back window.

Chevrolet has made several engine choices available for the 2014 Camaro, from a stock 300 hp, V-6 to the 580 hp supercharged ZL1.

Driving a Camaro makes you give up a few things. Comfort in the back seat is non existent unless you are a child and traveling with an infant is not easy.

This car is made for excitement — days when you crank the stereo up, roll down the windows, turn off traction control and head out to a favorite twisty road.

I sadly returned the Camaro SS after a three-day tour, but was left somewhat healed. The three days with the car had reminded me how fun driving could be. It removed some of the anxiety I had developed behind the wheel and for that I was grateful.

Thankfully, the rental agencies have taken a page out of the old Hertz book and made some of these fantastic cars available for a fun weekend drive.

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