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VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. — I have gone easy on most of Kyle Busch’s transgressions. This time he’s gone too far. Getting nabbed going 128 miles per hour on a public highway brings out all the bad in him.

He’s immature, irresponsible and has no respect for the existence of others.

It’s difficult to fathom for a professional race driver to drive that way on a local road. Many race drivers are wary of the highways and the people who drive on them. Busch is fortunate he got caught before he got into an accident, which surely would have resulted in serious consequences.

The question is, what will NASCAR do? I have for years blasted NASCAR for over regulating. Crew chiefs have been fined and suspended for very trivial violations. Remember Carl Long? He got hit for two hundred grand for one inch over the cubic-inch limit on an engine he purchased.

Several years ago, Kevin Harvick was flagged from racing the Cup race at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway after spinning a truck rival. He had been on probation.

Kyle Busch is on probation for his dust-up with, ironically Harvick, at Darlington (S.C.) Raceway.

Busch has made racing look bad with the publicity he got for the traffic infraction. I’m sure his team and his sponsor are in damage control mode.

Kyle is not a kid anymore. He’s a 26-year-old married man. Saying his Lexus sports car “got away from him,” is lame.

If I was in charge, he’d be on the sideline for 30 days. It’s obvious he has social problems. Will NASCAR have the courage to sit down one of its biggest draws? I doubt it.

-The selling of Bruno Junquiera’s ride by A.J. Foyt to Andretti Aurosports has drawn a huge negative reaction. I talk to many racing people on Facebook and the consensus is that only money talks. This has been true for a long time.

-Another running of the All-Star race at Charlotte Motor Speedway produced another four-hour yawn fest. Speed Channel telecasts its only Cup race of the season and like everything else in NASCAR, they way overdo it.

They’ve been hyping this “race” since Daytona. All we heard about was the wild action. A chance to “get even.”

There was none of that. There was no “boys have it” and side-by-side racing did not exist. This is still the most over rated event on any race schedule. All of Speed’s announcers look like fools with their false bravado over a rather mediocre race.

-Time trials are usually uninteresting but this year’s Indy 500 runs were very compelling. It was great that there were enough drivers and rides to add drama. Those four qualifying laps are the most intense efforts any driver can run. Versus does a great job. Too bad it doesn’t telecast the race.

-By all means, pick up a copy on the Indy 500 program. It’s the best $15 you’ll ever spend. You can get it online at www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com.

Want to feel older? Stevie Smith turns 45 this weekend. Guess he isn’t “The Kid” anymore.

-USAC sprint cars are coming East. On May 20, they’ll be at Lernerville Speedway in Pennsylvania and at Grandview Speedway the next day. June 1, the wingless ones finish a three-night stay in Pennsylvania at Lincoln Speedway. On June 2, they move to New

Egypt, N.J., and wrap it up at Port Royal, Pa., June 4.

-Heading to the fruit stand to supply my Memorial Day potato salad. Was hoping to catch an “end of the world” clearance sale at the mall.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. I’m at [email protected]



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  1. Bob says:

    I guess speeding is a criminal offence in your mind. But like others in the press and NASCAR, driving drunk is OK. The driver of the 43 car should be the aim. But NASCAR does nothing and the press helps them bury it. We have all done it , got into a car and wound it out to see how fast it will go. It dosent make it right, but its not the death sentence crime drinking and driving proves to be so many times. Put you personal hatered to the side where it belongs and if you want to attack someone, please direct it at NASCAR for allowing an accused drunk driver retain his racing licence. I have lost TOO many friends to drunks on the road.

  2. Paul Luiz says:

    Hey Gary, do you find it ironic that of all car owners, Richard Childress would be the guy that snapped when it came to Kyle Busch? For decades Earnhardt Sr. drove the Childress owned #3 like it was a bulldozer and cost fellow car owners millions of dollars in tore up race cars. Personally, I think Kyle deserved a beating, it’s just funny that it came from the man that enabled Earnhart treating the top division in Nascar like it was Destruction Derby.
    If I was going to give Kyle any advice, next time he gets in a fight with an old man, he needs to get Kasey Kahne to help him out. I still remember the beating Kahne gave to that old security guard in Miami a few years ago. When it comes to putting old guys in their place, nobody in the garage area can get the job done better than Kasey Kahne..


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