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CHILI BOWL: J.C.T. Qualifying Night

Andy Huston flips midget during Thursday's Chili Bowl Nationals program. (David E. Heithaus photo)

Andy Huston flips midget during Thursday’s Chili Bowl Nationals program. (David E. Heithaus photo)

Qualifying Night Results, Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals, Tulsa Expo Raceway, Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 16, 2014

First Heat (8 laps): Michael Pickens, Harli White, Mike Hess, Jimmy Light, Kevin Bayer, Shawn Jackson, Kip Hughes, Kory Schudy.

Second Heat (8 laps): Damion Gardner, Richard VanderWeerd, Dakoda Armstrong, Brady Short, Kyle O’Gara, Coby Hughes, Steve Newman, Andee Beierle.

Third Heat (8 laps): Christopher Bell, Bill Balog, Ty Hulsey, Sheldon Haudenschild, Aaron Pierce, David Garbo Jr., Kevin Swindell, Tyler Robbins.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Danny Stratton, Kevin Ramey, Matt Juhl, Stratton Briggs, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Glenn Styres, Jimmy Elledge, D.J. Netto.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Andrew Felker, Steve Buckwalter, Heath Duinkerken, Matt Sherrell, Kevin Olson, Lee Dakus, Dakota Gains, Carey Becker.

Sixth Heat (8 laps): Dominic Scelzi, Tyler Edwards, Chad Boespflug, David Gough, A.J. Fike, Evan Sewell, Justin Dickerson, Jason McDougal.

Seventh Heat (8 laps): Andrew Deal, Layne Himebaugh, Patrick Stasa, Taylor Simas, Landon Simon, David McIntosh, Michelle Decker, Andy Huston.

Eighth Heat (8 laps): Chase Stockon, James Edens, Mark Chisholm, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Davey Ray, Matt Johnson, Chett Gehrke.

Ninth Heat (8 laps): Tracy Hines, Dustin Morgan, Jason Johnson, Tim Barber, Michael Koontz, Garett Hood, Dalton Camfield.

First C Feature (12 laps): Swindell, Simon, Olson, Robbins, Styres, Briggs, Huston, Hughes, Camfield, Schudy, Hughes, Garbo, Decker, Gains, Hood.

Second C Feature (12 laps): Stenhouse, Jackson, Fike, Gehrke, McIntosh, Dickerson, Becker, Elledge, Dakus, Beirle, Newman, McDougal.

First Qualifier (10 laps): Pickens, Bell, Himebaugh, Scelzi, Stockon, Duinkerken, Haudenschild, Simas, Light, Chisholm.

Second Qualifier (10 laps): Morgan, Stratton, White, Boespflug, Sherrell, O’Gara, Ramey, Hafertepe, Pierce, VanderWeerd.

Third Qualifier (10 laps): Deal, Buckwalter, Edens, Stasa, Barber, Ray, Johnson, Hess, Gough, Edwards.

Fourth Qualifier (10 laps): Hines, Gardner, Felker, Short, Balog, Koontz, Bayer, Juhl, Hulsey, Armstrong.

First B Feature (15 laps): Swindell, Ramey, Hafertepe, Duinkerken, Bayer, O’Gara, Simon, Olson, Robbins, Hulsey, Johnson, Chisholm, Light, Koontz, Stasa.

Second B Feature (15 laps): Sherrell, VanderWeerd, Simas, Short, Stenhouse, Haudenschild, Ray, Juhl, Armstrong, Pierce, Gough, Hess, Fike, Jackson, Balog, Gehrke.

Feature (25 laps): Bell, Gardner, Pickens, Swindell, Buckwalter, Stratton, Felker, Hines, Deal, Ramey, Morgan, White, Stockon, Scelzi, Boespflug, VanderWeerd, Sherrell, Simas, Duinkerken, Hafertepe, Short, Barber, Edens, Himebaugh.


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