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CHILI BOWL: John Christner Trucking Qualifying Night

Kevin Swindell (center) won Thursday night’s Chili Bowl preliminary feature. He is joined on the podium by third-place Tim McCreadie (left) and runner-up Brad Sweet. (Frank Smith photo)

John Christner Trucking Qualifying Night, Chili Bowl Nationals, Tulsa Expo Raceway, Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 10, 2013

First Heat (8 laps): Brett Anderson, Cameron Hagin, Troy DeCaire, Rico Abreu, Donovan Peterson, Cody Ledger, Chris Gurley, Chuck McGillivary, Andy Huston.

Second Heat (8 laps): J.J. Yeley, Troy Rutherford, D.J. Netto, Tim McCreadie, Peter Palazzolo, Danny Smith, Tyler Reddick, Brent Beauchamp, Tanner Swanson.

Third Heat (8 laps): Brad Sweet, Steve Buckwalter, Andrew Felker, Richard VanderWeerd, David Gough, A.J. Fike, Alex Orr, Greg Edenholm, Jay Mounce.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Matt Ward, Matt Westfall, Michelle Decker, Andrew Deal, Billy Pauch Jr., Mario Clouser, Brian Shirley, Kyle Bellm.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Kevin Swindell, Tracy Hines, Matt Sherrell, Brad Noffsinger, Tommy Brown, Tom Casson, Evan Sewell, Payton Pierce.

Sixth Heat (8 laps): Tim Siner, Tim Crawley, Joey Moughan, Bud Kaeding, Dakoda Armstrong, Landon Simon, Daniel Adler, Tim Kent.

Seventh Heat (8 laps): Nic Faas, A.J. Hopkins, Cole Whitt, Jason Leffler, Patrick Stasa, Matt Lundy, P.J. Gargiulo, Jake Rosario.

Eighth Heat (8 laps): Jerry Coons Jr., Conner Kassik, Sheldon Haudenschild, Dennis Howell, John Golobic, Kevin Olson, Kip Hughes, Michael Heberling.

First C Main (12 laps): Armstrong, Clouser, Gargiulo, Reddick, Gurley, Olson, Shirley, Smith, Casson, Mounce, Beauchamp, Rosario, Pierce, Bellm.

Second C Main (12 laps): Swanson, Orr, Ledger, Adler, Sewell, Simon, Huston, Hughes, Lundy, Heberling, McGillivary, Edenholm, Kent.

First Qualifier (10 laps): Swindell, Yeley, Westfall, Abreu, Leffler, Crawley, Kassik, Stasa, Howell, Decker.

Second Qualifier (10 laps): Whitt, Coons, Netto, McCreadie, Hagin, Ward, Moughan, Gough, Golobic, Palazzolo.

Third Qualifier (10 laps): Buckwalter, Sweet, Haudenschild, Deal, Hines, Fike, Faas, Pauch, DeCaire, Siner.

Fourth Qualifier (10 laps): Felker, Kaeding Anderson, Hopkins, Rutherford, VanderWeerd, Sherrell, Noffsinger, Peterson, Brown.

First B Main (15 laps): Rutherford, Pauch, VanderWeerd, Ward, Moughan, Gargiulo, Leffler, Reddick, Brown, Armstrong, Decker, DeCaire, Clouser, Kassik, Noffsinger.

Second B Main (15 laps): Crawley, Fike, Westfall, Sherrell, Howell, Faas, Hagin, Swanson, Palazzolo, Gough, Ledger, Peterson, Golobic, Stasa, Orr, Adler.

Feature (25 laps): Swindell, Sweet, McCreadie, Coons, Hines, Whitt, Yeley, Netto, Hopkins, Felker, VanderWeerd, Kaeding, Haudenschild, Rutherford, Abreu, Pauch, Sherrell, Fike, Westfall, Crawley, Anderson, Ward, Buckwalter, Deal.


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