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CHILI BOWL: Warren CAT Qualifying Night

Kyle Larson (center) shares the podium with Brady Bacon (left) and Tony Stewart Tuesday night at the Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, Okla. (Frank Smith photo)

Warren CAT Qualifying Night, Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals, Tulsa Expo Raceway, Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 8, 2013

First Heat (8 laps): Casey Shuman, Kaley Engstrom, David Budres, Brian McClelland, Mark Chisholm, C.J. Johnson, Kevin Studley, Joe Stornetta, Rick Shuman.

Second Heat (8 laps): Chris Windom, Jonathan Beason, Doug McCune, Seth Motsinger, Don O’Keefe Jr., Clint Woolbright, Bobby Michnowicz, Jody Rosenboom.

Third Heat (8 laps): Brenden Bright, Markus Niemela, Aaron Pierce, Dillon Welch, Barry Lamb, Cole Wood, Mike Hudson, Stephen Arnold.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Sam Hafertepe Jr., Kyle Larson, Nick Speidel, Michael Harders, Ryan Beechler, David Camfield Jr., Bryan Debrick, Curtis Boyer.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Sean Dodenhoff, Cameron Beard, Brady Bacon, Matt Mitchell, Blake Edwards, Waylon Weaver, Jimmy Light, Mike Goodman.

Sixth Heat (8 laps): R.J. Johnson, Tony Stewart, Dalton Armstrong, Alex Sewell, Kurt Mayhew, Shawn Jackson, Bobby Brewer, Dustin Hapka.

Seventh Heat (8 laps): P.J. Jones, Josh Lakatos, Shane Cottle, Kevin Ramey, Taylor Lynn Ferns, Darren Kingston, Andy Malpocker, Chris Shirek.

Eighth Heat (8 laps): Shon Deskins, Chett Gehrke, Justin Hendricks, Bruce Buckwalter Jr, Bryan Severs, Garrett Rider, Tyler Walker, Zach Daum.

First C Main (12 laps): Mayhew, Camfield, Studley, Lamb, Light, Rosenboom, Malpocker, Stornetta, Debrick, Weaver, Hapka, R. Shuman, Shirek.

Second C Main (12 laps): Kingston, Daum, Chisholm, Walker, Michnowicz, Wood, Hudson, Boyer, Woobright, Brewer, Goodman, Arnold.

First Qualifier (10 Laps): Niemela, Stewart, Armstrong, Windom, Gehrke, Deskins, Hendricks, Edwards, Jackson, Buckwalter.

Second Qualifier (10 laps): Bacon, Larson, Budres, Sewell, Bright, Welch, McClelland, Ferns, Harders, Rider.

Third Qualifier (10 laps): Ramey, Beason, Hafertepe, Johnson, Motsinger, Mitchell, Beechler, McCune, Dodenhoff, Pierce.

Fourth Qualifier (10 laps): C. Shuman, Cottle, Johnson, Lakatos, Beard, Engstrom, Jones, Speidel, Severs, O’Keefe.

First B Main (15 laps): Motsinger, McClelland, Beechler, Mitchell, Engstrom, Camfield, Studley, Mayhew, Buckwalter, Pierce, Lamb, Deskins, Ferns, Dodenhoff, Budres.

Second B Main (15 laps): Daum, Gehrke, Jones, Welch, Sewell, Speidel, Walker, Jackson, Chisholm, Harders, McCune, Severs, Kingston, Edwards, Hendricks.

Feature (25 laps): Larson, Bacon, Stewart, C. Shuman, Windom, Beason, Johnson, Niemela, Cottle, Ramey, Hafertepe, Daum, Welch, Jones, Armstrong, McClelland, Bright, Lakatos, Mitchell, Motsinger, Beechler, Beard, Johnson, Gehrke.

VIROC V (20 laps): Kevin Swindell, J.J. Yeley, Sammy Swindell, Chad Boat, Jerry Coons Jr., Tim McCreadie, Kyle Larson, Tracy Hines, Cory Kruseman, Brad Loyet, Brad Sweet, Damion Gardner, Jason Leffler, Cole Whitt, Tony Stewart.


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