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CHILI BOWL: River Spirit Qualifying Night

River Spirit Casino Qualifying Night Results, Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals, Tulsa Expo Raceway, Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 15, 2014

First Heat (8 laps): Brad Loyet, Chris Andrews, Ryan Hall, Danny Smith, Cody Brewer, Steve Brown, Greg Fitzpatrick, Casey Shuman.

Second Heat (8 laps): Brandon Waelti, Travis Berryhill, Brad Kuhn, Johnny Herrera, Nick Knepper, Seth Motsinger, Zach Blurton, Domain Ramsay.

Third Heat (8 laps): Sammy Swindell, Jace VanderWeerd, Jerry Coons Jr., Matt Westfall, Cameron Hagin, Robby Parish, David Camfield, Philip Dietz.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Danny Burke, Colten Cottle, Chris Guinn, Jeff Stasa, Hannah Adair, Tucker Klaasmeyer, Randy Boyer, Tim Kent.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Rico Abreu, Shane Golobic, John Hunt, Brad Noffsinger, Brenden Bright, Tony Roney, Michael Curtis, Cody Ledger.

Sixth Heat (8 laps): Parker Price-Miller, Joe Liguori, Shane Cockrum, Chris Ennis, Kyle Bellm,, A.J. Burns,, Clint Schubert, Ned Fry.

Seventh Heat (8 laps): J.J. Yeley, Chris Windom, Alex Sewell, J.D. Black, Chase Johnson, Shon Deskins,, Don O’Keefe Jr., Chris Stockham.

Eighth Heat (8 laps): Frank Flud, Tim Siner, Payton Pierce, Trey Marcham, Jody Rosenboom, Harley Hollan, Brandon Matus.

Ninth Heat (8 laps): Caleb Armstrong, Jeff Flesher, Eric Johnson, Scotty Smith, Sean McClelland, Dylan Peterson, Jimmy Harris.

First C Main (12 laps): Brewer, Parish, Roney, Rosenboom, Motsinger, Deskins, Ledger, Peterson, Camfield, Curtis, Ramsay, Matus, Boyer, Fry, Shuman.

Second C Main (12 laps): Hollan, Bright, Johnson, Brown, Schubert, Burns, Blurton, O’Keefe, Harris, Dietz, Klaasmeyer, Bellm, Stockham, Fitzpatrick, Kent.

First Qualifier (10 laps): Cockrum, Yeley, Andrews, Kuhn, Golobic, Abreu, Cottle, Liguori, Smith, Adair.

Second Qualifier (10 laps): Windom, Price-Miller, Herrera, Noffsinger, Waelti, Siner, Hall, E. Johnson, Guinn, McClelland.

Third Qualifier (10 laps): Marcham, Sewell, Knepper, Flud, Swindell, Westfall, Flesher, Stasa, Hunt, Ennis.

Fourth Qualifier (10 laps): Armstrong, Loyet, Coons, Berryhill, Pierce, Hagin, VanderWeerd, Black, Burke, S. Smith.

First B Feature (15 laps): Abreu, Herrera, Pierce, Siner, Westfall, Liguouri, Brewer, Adair, E. Johnson, Roney, Burke, Ennis, Hunt, Parish, Rosenboom, Flesher.

Second B Feature (15 laps): Coons, Stasa, VanderWeerd, Cottle, Noffsinger, Hagin, Hollan, McClelland, C. Johnson, Hall, Guinn, D. Smith, Brown, Bright, Black, S. Smith.

Feature (25 laps): Armstrong, Swindell, Windom, Abreu, Loyet, Golobic, Kuhn, Coons, Pierce, Berryhill, Waelti, Cockrum, Flud, Price-Miller, Siner, Marcham, VanderWeerd, Yeley, Cottle, Stasa, Knepper, Andrews, Sewell, Herrera.

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