Super 7 Sweep – How to Play

How to Play

The game follows 7 different racing series:

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup
  • Formula 1 and IZOD IndyCar
  • 450 SX/MX and MotoGP
  • TUDOR United SportsCar
  • World of Outlaws Sprint Cars

The Game is easy to play, you just sign up and select your favorite drivers for each weekend’s races. The deadline for starters is always 12:00 AM MST Arizona or 2/3:00 AM EST, depending on Daylight Savings Time, on the day of each weekend’s first race,. Play every weekend, round after round from now through November.

1. You get 7 picks per week and you have to pick or “start” at least one driver, rider or sports car per series that is racing that weekend. If you don’t select at least one starter per race per weekend you won’t be able to submit a full 7-starter lineup.

2. Each driver, rider or sports car has a chance to score points for your fantasy team — but only if they finish in the top 16 per event. The scoring system is the same for all series and awards points for finish order, qualifying, laps led and car or motorcycle manufacturer. Sports car points are awarded according to overall race results, not by class.
3. NOTE: World of Outlaws Sprint Car drivers often change chassis and engine suppliers throughout the season – or even during a race weekend. Therefore, MFR points are only awarded to the main event winner. Some World of Outlaws events do not feature qualifying or time trials sessions, either. For those races, no qualifying points will be awarded.
At the end of the racing weekend, your points are tallied and your team is ranked amongst all others in the game toward winning weekly, monthly and championship contests.

3. The deadline for each race weekend’s picks is always 12:00 AM in Arizona, or 2/3:00 AM EST on the day of each weekend’s first race,. Depending on each weekend’s schedule of races the deadline will change throughout the season.
4. You can edit your starters for all future rounds and pick a default roster, with one starter per each of the 7 series, that will be triggered when the scores are updated if you don’t submit a lineup. If one or more of your default drivers are racing and finish in the top 16 you will be awarded those points where the scoring is updated. Click on ACCOUNT to edit your default starters and remember, editing is disabled during race weekends.

5. You can form your own Private League and invite friends and family, co-workers, facebook friends and others.


Click on Select Starters and look under the empty roster grid upper left for the Pick Starters For Race drop down menu. Every week this menu will show what series are racing and let you access the list of drivers or sports car entries to select from.

Choose a race to display the list of drivers or sports cars, then click the driver name or car number to add them to your weekly roster.

Pick starters until you have at least one per scheduled race, then pick more from any race you want to complete your 7-starter roster.

IMPORTANT: The starter pick lists are NOT official, unofficial or even expected entry lists. The available drivers and cars are listed according to published reports of their intentions to compete per series or they have already raced and earned FMFL points; it’s up to each player to know the active or racing status of their picks.


HINT: Go to RESULTS, select a race from last season and review the scoring grid. The game uses the FMFL scoring system that rewards racers for:

  • Finish position
  • Qualifying
  • Laps led
  • Manufacturer

Finishing Points: 1st Place = 160 pts 2nd Place = 150 pts 3rd Place = 140 pts 4th Place = 130 pts 5th Place = 120 pts 6th Place = 110 pts 7th Place = 100 pts 8th Place = 90 pts 9th Place = 80 pts 10th Place = 70 pts 11th Place = 60 pts 12th Place = 50 pts 13th Place = 40 pts 14th Place = 30 pts 15th Place = 20 pts 16th Place = 10 pts.; no points are awarded for finish positions outside the top 16.

Qualifying Points: Pole Winner = 55 bonus pts 2nd fastest = 44 bonus pts 3rd fastest = 33 bonus pts 4th fastest = 22 bonus pts 5th fastest = 11 bonus pts.; drivers must finish in the top 16.
NOTE: Some World of Outlaws Sprint Car races may not hold time trials or qualifying sessions. For those races no qualifying points will be awarded.

Lap Leader Points: Each driver that leads a lap will receive 22 bonus points; the driver or car (in ALMS and DP races) who leads the most laps will receive an additional 22 bonus points if they finish in the top 16.

Manufacturer Points: Bonus points are also awarded for manufacturer performance. For series with more than 1 manufacturer, bonus points are awarded to those drivers, riders or sports cars who finish highest, per the top 5 different race vehicles. Winner (First of that type of car or motorcycle to cross the finish line) = 55 pts. Highest placing driver of next different type of vehicle = 44 pts. Highest placing driver of 3rd different type of vehicle = 33 pts. Highest placing driver of 4th different type of car or motorcycle = 22 pts. Highest placing driver of 5th different type of vehicle = 11 pts. If there are only three different types of vehicles in the top 16, mfr points will only be awarded to three drivers. Different cars are defined by chassis/engine. Examples: In Sprint Cup there are Fords, Chevrolets and Toyotas, or three different types of race cars. In Formula 1 there are ten or more different mfrs of cars (Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Red Bull, etc.). In the TUDOR United SportsCar races there are various engine/chassis combos, and there are two different mfrs in the IZOD IndyCar Series.
NOTE: The World of Outlaws Sprint car teams may switch chassis and engines constantly so MFR points are only awarded to the winner of the main event.
Drivers/riders can only earn qualifying points if they qualify the race vehicle and start the race; starters can only earn finish, qualifying, lap leader and manufacturer bonus points by finishing in the top 16.


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